Cancer Alert: How to Easily Reduce 75% of ALL Deaths & 100,000 New Cases Every Year!

Published: Sun, 03/07/10


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March 2010 Newsletter #1
Welcome to March!
This week, our articles contain even more
exciting and promising information about Vitamin D.  Once again, research now demonstrates its
potential to cause massive reductions
in the incidence of not only certain cancers,
but also premature births.
Also, take a look at our new periodic series -
From the Heart.   It contains two amazing stories
of courage and survival.
Quite honestly, this is the most
promising information I've found during my
entire medical career, one that spans almost
30 years!
This is in my opinion, some of the most
exciting news of the last 50 years of medicine,
and more significant than the invention of the
polio vaccine!
I encourage you to share this critical information
with your family, friends, co-workers ...everyone
you know today!
To your good health,
Elaine R. Ferguson, MD

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How Adequate Vitamin D Levels Can Eliminate 75% of Breast and Colon Certain Common Cancers Deaths and Prevent Over 100,000 cases annually! 


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