Will Marriage Improve Your Health?

Published: Tue, 09/28/10


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September 2010 Newsletter #3
Dear Subscriber,
A year ago How To Get Well Faster made its
debut on the internet. It's hard for me to
believe that it's been a year, but indeed it has. 
I am writing to inform you of a few
exciting changes that we're planning.
During the next 8 to 12 weeks this site
will undergo a major face lift, and will have
more information to help you improve
your health.
Also, the newsletter will be sent to you
on Tuesday morning, instead of Mondays.
We are going to launch  several products, including our Get Well Faster Teleseminar Series for hospitalized and
seriously ill patients and will be
collaborating with other health related sites.
I'm very excited about what is waiting
on the horizon for us.  My mission and goal
is to provide you with the latest and
pertinent health and medical
research information, that includes
holistic and conventional medical approaches.
The feedback I've received from
several subscribers is positive and
supportive. Thank you so much for sharing
your appreciation of the newsletter with
me.   I am grateful that you are a part of this
great online adventure. 
And as always, I remain...
Yours in good health,
Elaine R. Ferguson, MD

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