The Power of Loving Relationships

Published: Wed, 02/26/14

Holistic Health Newsletter
The Power of Loving Relationships

In honor of heart health month, I wanted to share some information with you that is not usually included or considered a part of information about heart health and/or heart disease prevention. However, I believe is equally as important as exercise and eating healthy food. Your relationships are also central to your health and well-being, because you live in a relational universe-that is, everything exists in relation to everything else-and this framework gives meaning and perspective to life.

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The Truth About "Old Age"

I don't like the term.  Watch this video to see what is possible for you at any and every age!

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Ask Dr. Elaine

Question: My doctor tells me taking vitamin supplements are a waste of money and only makes expensive urine because my kidneys release most of what I take.  He says if I eat enough vegetables I can get all the vitamins that I need. What's your opinion? 

Answer:  I think your doctor's recommendation is based on a myth. While it is true if we lived in an optimal environment with clean air and water, and food that came from healthy soil, we probably wouldn't need to take supplements.  That's how Mother Nature intended the earth to be.  However, for those living in the US, it's a very good idea to take comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplements on a daily basis because of the significant decline in the last fifty years of the inherent nutrient value of fruits and vegetables that are available to us.  

Source: " Changes in USDA Food Consumption Data for 43 Garden Crops, 1950 to 1999,' Journal of the American College of Nutrition 23:669-82, 2004.